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25 Ways to Jumpstart Weight Loss using Real Food, Faith & Fitness

Are you a busy woman that dreams of fitting in those jeans and feeling confident?

Do you struggle to lose weight because you eat when you are stressed?

Are you worn out and take care of everyone else but yourself?

There is hope my friend. For years I battle an eating disorder, had migraines and poor health. Today, my journey of health looks much better. I have used holistic health, my faith and fitness to overcome the battle with food. Now, I help women do the same ! Meg is sharing 50 ways to jumpstart weight loss today. HINT: There are no fad diets,shake or pills here, this is real food for life ya'll!

1. HAVE A PLAN. Football Players don't just go out there and play games, they have a plan. Practice and prepare for whats ahead.

2. Write out each morning your health and fitness goals. For example, I write each morning what I plan to eat and drink and what time I am going to exercise.

3. Write each morning WHAT you will be doing when you exercise. For example, dont just say," I'm going to the gym at 5:00 am." Instead, say, "at 5:00 I am going to do 30 minutes in the elliptical with a 5.0 incline and lift my chest, triceps and core."

4. ACCOUNTABILITY IS KEY. Find a friend, a coach (or Meg Fisher Wellness) and let them know you are trying to get healthy. Tell them what days you are going to workout, let them hold you accountable.

5. DROP THE JUNK. Ya'll get rid of the junk food in your home! Toss it, donate it but if food is a source of comfort for you then you need to get rid of the junk until you can overcome emotional eating

6. Write your goals and print them on your FRIDGE. Make it pretty if you want. That way, you are reminded several times a day what your goals are.

7. MEASUREMENTS. Take weekly measurements and write it down. SO IMPORTANT!

8. Swap Foods. We all know sugar and bad and pop (err..however you say it soda folks!) but why is it so hard to give it up? Instead of looking what you have to get rid of, look at what you can swap. Try seltzer water instead of pop. Theres so many yummy flavors now a days.

8. Dress for success. Whether you work in corporate or are a stay at home mom, the best way to initially boost self esteem is yo start your day and dress with an outfit that makes you feel fabulous. It's no joke ladies, the days I dress nice (even if I'm just staying home with my toddler cleaning up pooh, I FEEL better when I dress better!)

9. DRINK WATER GIRL! Yes, we all know we need more water but have you ever really tried? Ever crave sweets and realize you may be DEHYDRATED? Try a gallon challenge, drink 1 gallon a day and see how you feel. Email Meg and tell her you are doing the challenge for FREE accountability:

10. Find more passion. Do you find yourself thinking of food, alot? Find more passion in your life or hobbies you enjoy that may help you to stop thinking about food.

11. Get tested for food allergies. Meg Fisher Wellness offers ALCAT a food allergy blood test that can test over 500 items you may be allergic to. Food allergies can drain our energy, cause a slow thyroid and other issues. Let me help you find your allergies and get on the road to better health! Contact Meg for your ALCAT Food Allergy FREE Session to discuss which option will work for you!

12. Follow Meg Fisher's 80/20 rule. Eat whole food 80% of the time and eat whatever you want 20% of the time. Meg likes to eat super healthy Monday-Friday then take the weekends off and eat more freely or perhaps a favorite, chocolate ice cream.

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