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Meg's Top Books for Weight Loss (HINT: Most have nothing to do with food..!)

This year one of my goals was to read MORE books. Ya'll, I hated books in college but now, that I have found my passion I LOVE reading! So I wanted to share some books that I read this year that have truly changed my life. When it comes to weight loss, I take a whole approach to weight loss and not just food. Food for me is connected to so many emotions.

Have you ever ate when you are sad? Angry? Lonely? Happy? There is a deep and real connection with food which is why I am so passionate with my journey to help other women with theirs. So lets dig into these 5 beautiful books:

1. The Power of Off By Nancy Colier. This book showed me the importance of my time. In her book, she talks about the negative effects social media has on individuals. For me, when I am feeling down or bad about myself I often ask how much time am I spending on social media. When I get into the real world. less on the internet I find my true happiness. I couldn't believe how much friggin' time I was spending wasting on facebook and instagram, yet, still feeling bad about myself and my weight. At the end of her book she even gives a social media detox. Now a days, I only check my social media a few minutes a day. It allows more space in my head to focus on self care and positive thinking. Remember: COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY

2. The Cosmo Bikini Diet by Corbett. This book was literally a $1.00 at DOLLAR TREE! HOLLA! There are such simple, yet easy ways to lose weight and they give you weeks of grocery lists and meal plans.

3. The Power of Off by Nancy Colier- Ok this book changed my way of viewing social media. .I never realized how much time I spent on social media and it was sucking the life out of me. I was comparing myself so much on there or seeing what I wasn't invited to, etc It wasn't great for a self care journey. Her book gives a social media detox as well. For me, when I was trying to lose weight I had to take things out of my life that were soaking up my time. Great book!

4. I Deserve a Donut- Barb Raveling. So ALL my 1:1 clients receive this book as a gift! This book changed my life. She gives boundaries with food and has all emotions then scripture to follow it. What an amazing book and when working together I use this book to help you find your personal boundaries with food. We have boundaries in other areas of our lives, so why not with food. If you find yourself obsessing about food, this is your BOOK!

5. Dr. Murray's Total Body Tune up: I've had this one for years and yes it looks like a treasure map because of it! His book is incredible, tons of natural remedies for weight loss, boosting thyroid, balancing hormones and so much more. It makes it simple to read and understand. LOVE IT!

6. My final one is Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend. This book talks about those (I used to be one of them) who have a hard time saying no or afraid to step on anyone's toe. It gives amazing insight how to have boundaries with people. During my journey of self care, this was huge. Emotions play such a huge role with weight loss and I was flooded with emotions. This book gave me the tools to speak up, have a voice and be OK that not everyone has to like me.

THATS A WRAP! May your journey be one filled with finding your books and self care. And don't forget Meg's 30 Day FITMAS CRAZY COMING UP- 30 SLOTS. All online weight loss, self care and fitness. DETAILS and snag your slot:

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