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Confessions of a Mom

To all those mother's out there, praying, protecting and giving their best at motherhood, a high five and shoutout to you today.

Something has been heavy on my heart the past few weeks and as much as I wanted to keep it all in, I have felt that nudge from God to share.

Confession: I am one of those women who love control. For years I controlled food, my weight even everything in my home was in perfect order. Perhaps perfection was holding me in. When I became a mother to our beautiful daughter in 2016, control was an issue to. As a health professional, I thrive off of nutrition, proper health and balance in our home especially for my daughter. Giving her adequate nutrition, supplementation and health approach possible.

Then three weeks ago my daughter was complaining of a headache, joint pain and fatigue. We noticed a bullseye rash on her. We quickly got her evaluated for Lyme's Disease. During that time we had a mandatory evacuation, preparing to go out of the country for my husbands post deployment vacation and oh yes, a court fraud I was dealing with.

I have to tell you, anyone who has children dealing with any health issue my heart mourns for you. When you know something is wrong with your child and you have ZERO control over it, it's heartbreaking.

Upon returning from our cruise, we spotted yet another bullseye rash on my daughter even while she is on medication for Lyme's. So were currently in the process of getting it all sorted out, cardiologists from possible issues with her Lyme's and awaiting more appointments for further care.

It's been difficult knowing as a health crazy woman myself, that no matter the perfect amount of vitamin, food or anything could have prevented our daughter from getting Lyme's disease. In fact, we have never seen a tick on her and we ALWAYS check for ticks but here is what God has shown me through it all:

I can try and control every detail of my life right now, because there are ALOT of unknown factors but no matter how much I try and control , HE is still in control. The future of my daughter's Lyme's is in God's hands. And I know to rely on Him, his Faith that all things work for the good. He is good.

In the midst of it all, God has shown me that I can't control everything. Sometimes we really do have to Let go and Let God handle it. If you find yourself in the midst of a trial, remember it's a season. Just like every winter we have spring and every summer we have fall. Remain in Hope.

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