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Top 5 Tips for Erasing Emotional Eating

Have you been there before?


You get home from a long day at work and need to feel "better" so you reach for the sweetest, saltiest food and grab your phone to zone out the world?

Or perhaps you are thinking over and over again about issues with your family, friends or spouse and it drives you to the fridge. One bite leads to 10 more and before you know it you feel stuffed as a turkey.

I can relate.

For years, I went excessive from not eating at all (trying to control) to overeating when I was STRESSED OUT.

These are 5 tools that have greatly helped me overcome my desire to run to food. So friend, I hope these can help you along your way.

1. Find an accountability partner. Open up to someone in your small circle that you realize you eat for emotional reasons. Tell them you'd like to call or text them when you feel like eating your emotions.

2. Find more JOY. I found the more joy I had in my life (not happy circumstances but being content even when life was hard..) then the less I ran to food for that quick fix of comfort. What makes you tick? Close your eyes, imagine what truly makes you happy. Perhaps it's going to get a massage, a craft, farting. I mean whatever will keep you laughing is key!

3. Find boundaries with food and people. This was HUGE for me. When I found that I could have boundaries with others and didn't feel so guilty saying, "NO" sometimes I felt less emotional. I wasn't running to food but enjoying more time for myself.

Finding boundaries with food was MAJOR. I have three boundaries I use for life. If you want to know what they are email me here

4. Releasing toxic thoughts really gave me an outlet to start thinking positive. WOW I never realized how negative I used to be. I focused on so much bad that I never looked to see what was good. So I created a free e Book, "Toxic belief's that make us gain weight?" You can grab your FREE Copy here

5. One of of the best things I did for myself was create more time and energy to focus on my emotions. For so long I ran to social media, finding my self in being a people pleaser that I literally never thought about how I felt, because I blocked it then turned to food! So I cut WAAAY back on social media. I'm talking getting on 1-2 times a day. If you want to do a social media detox it's HERE.

So there you go, My top tips to help you if food is more of a focus than you want in your life!

If you started the social media detox or food boundaries, let me know here:

Have an amazing day!

Meg Fisher


Meg Fisher is here and passionate to help women overcome the battle with food. Her passion and expertise help women 1:1 all over the world achieve their goals. Meg incorporates food, faith and fitness.

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