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Hello Deployment #3

AW yes, that lovely little deploment is coming up very soon. This will be our first one with a kiddo (we have 4 animals but that doesn't count all they do is snuggle). So I am trying everything I can do make sure we are as equipped as much as possible as a family before it starts. One of the first things is self care for myself. I MUST take care of myself. My daughter can always pick up with I am stressed out.

So here is my 2018 goals I have created for myself.

I have learned to have REALISTIC expectations for myself, not perfection. This deployment will be a stressful season in life so I dont plan on making extravagant meals each day. My goal is to simplify my life during deployment, stay close to amazing family and friends that will support us and positive influences.

January: Finish 6 week weight loss program I created myself,

February: 12K Train Race, Yoga LOTS AND LOTS OF YOGA

March: Sprint Triathlon in Wilmington

April: Sprint Triathlon 2 and visit family

May: 1 5k Race

June: 1 5kFace

July: 1 10k race in sand

August: Sprint Triathlon


October: Get one more les mills certification


November: Less focus on fitness and more on having all 3 of us home together!!

December: Rest and RELAX. Keeping Christ in Christmas!

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