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Nutrition & Fitness

7 Day Reset

7 Days to Reset your Health

Home Workouts

Meal Guides 

Mindest over Diet Mentatiliy

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Food. Faith. Fitness Challenge

Commit to Fit 

Get of the hamster wheel of yoyo dieting and LEARN how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without dieting. 

Mindset Makeover

Mindeset Makeover

Renew your Mind in food, faith and fitness. 

Get your groove back, break the mental block and achieve your goals using nutritious food, Mindset coaching, faith and Meg's Fitness APP. PLUS 1:1 Coaching VIP Program 

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Orange Healthy Diet Fitness Facebook Post (1).png

7 Day Meg Fisher FitCamp REBOOT

WHY DO WE NEED TO GET RID OF THE JUNK AND DETOX? Getting rid of the junk in our diet is essential for fat blasting, weight-loss and most importantly boosting your energy levels. When we cannot get rid of the toxicity, then we cannot lose weight and for most of us, our digestion gets sluggish. So I am helping you to restart the engine and get rid of the toxins. When the body is toxic, it cannot do its job and then BAM - weight gain, bloating, digestive distress, sleepless nights, moodiness and well, let’s be honest—not as much happiness, right? 

First off, eating clean is NOT a DIET - it is a way of life. I created the perfect program for you because I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and feel annoyed. See, I understand how busy life can be. You are busy. You have no time, and so this program is for you because this program will guide you step by step and day by day. I am here with you the whole way. I created simple meals and in-home workouts that are designed not only to cleanse your body but to give you energy, help you lose unwanted weight & blast the fat. Sound awesome? Sound amazing? Sound transformational? Yep, it is. Purchase anytime- This program is for your time!

Whats included: 

  • 7 Days of Easy Peasy Meal Plans to prime your body for weight loss

  • Shopping list

  • 7 Days of In-Home Totaly Body Toning Workouts under 30 mintes

  • 7 Days of online support from Megan Fisher for accountability

  • This is the best program to reset your wellness journey- perfect for busy Mom's!

  • Only $30.00

  • Once Purchased you will recieve an email from Meg Fisher and your next steps!

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Commit to Fit 4 Week Program

Meg Fisher is sharing her most popular 1:1 Program she has been using for clients in 7 years as a group coaching program for YOU! 

What you get:

  • 1 Binder of over 300 pages of educational tools/self Assessments to stop dieting and live a life of health and balance. 

  • A FREE virtual guideat a  Grocery Store Tour to learn how to SAVE Big AND still eat healthy on a budget 

  • 4 Weeks of Total Body Toning Workouts to do at home or the Gym 

  • DAILY accountability from Meg in the VIP Group Sessions with workouts and Nutrition

  • DAILY Support from Meg how to change how you view food and can overcome sugar addictions

  • Establish what supplement protocol you need for YOUR health (A FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT)

  • 4 Weeks of Meal Plans to being eating clean (budget friendly and great for your whole family)

  • Enter to Win: a FREE ION FOOT BATH DETOX FROM MEG! ($50.00 Value)

  • Meg teaches you how to lose weight and not stress about the scale but rather her one of a kind Tally System


  • Begins October 17th- November 12th

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Meg's Mindset Makeover 


Do you want to discover a WHOLE new way to think, feel and live?

Can you answer YES to any of these:

  • Are you still struggling with  poor self esteem, feeling overwhelmed, depressed and have gained weight? 


  • Have you tried every diet out there and still struggle ?


  • Do you get frustrated or overwhelmed trying to work full time and raise a family while wanting to spend time for yourself?  


  • Are you ready and motivated to make healthy  changes in your life to overcome the need to eat your emotions, increase energy, lose weight and have time back to focus on your family and friends. 


 There is hope, I am Proof, I had battle with food most of my life. And Won. Using Real (delicious food), Faith & Fitness 


What you Get


Say hello to…

  • More energy, Better health and LESS Toxic Beliefs 

  • A stronger immune system 

  • Clearer, brighter hair, skin, and eyes 

  • Feel comfortable in your own body

  • And most important - you’ll discover a new, more positive and mindful way of looking at the world!

  • Significantly improve the desire to run to food 

  • Create boundaries with food so you can begin the life God has designed for you to be set free from always thinking 

•Delicious Vegetarian and Omnivore recipes, each with 12 weeks of suggested meals and a shopping list to make life easier for you! 

• 12 Weeks of Workouts to gain strength, gain confidence and finally enjoy your workouts using Meg's Method on your personal training app

Work 1:1 with Meg on your journey to optimal health. As a Client of My 3 Month  Health Coaching Program, You Will...

  •  Everything in option 1 PLUS:

  • Start with an 11 day reset  jumpstart your health 

  • Be able to think clearly again and have ENERGY!

  • Significantly improve the desire to run to food 

  • Create boundaries with food so you can begin the life God has designed for you to be set free from always thinking 

  • Create your very own fitness routine that works 

  • Learn to save money, eat healthy on a budget 

  • Receive custom recipes that help decrease binges

  • 12 Weeks of custom workouts using Meg's personal training app

  • Learn the mind connection to weight loss

  • Soar with energy, confidence and willpower

  •  Bonus: 

- Special Delivery Box

  • Receive your wellness package of handouts to optimize healthy eating, reduce stress and make you a priority,  A book to transform the way you think about food and set real boundaries so you can lose weight and keep it off

Your Program Includes..

  • Two 50 minute sessions per month by phone/skype 

  • Recommendation for supplements and labs testing

  • 20% off client discount for ALCAT food allergy testing

  • Recipes that are simple and healthy to prepare

  • Comprehensive wellness questionnaire 

  • Informative handouts in food, faith  fitness

  • Daily accountability and motivation for YOU

  •  Health Investment $1250.00 

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